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    The role of acupuncture treatment in patients with different anomalies of refraction

    Background: At present time myopia (nearsightedness), hypermetropia (farsightedness), astigmatism, spasm of accommodation, amblyopia, diplopia (doubling) are the most common causes of visual function disorders among school children and juveniles in modern world.

    Purpose: The purpose of the study was to provide clinicians, ophthalmologists, patients having anomalies of refraction and the general public with a responsible assessment of the use and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture (Zhen Jiu therapy) to treat anomalies of refraction.

    Setting: “Doctor Azim Ltd”, Dept. of traditional Chinese medicine, Moscow, RF.

    Methods: Clinical research was carried out on 152 patients with different anomalies of refraction. The patients aged between 5-35. Particularly: myopia with different stage and spasm of accommodation-93 patients, myopic astigmatism-34 patients, farsightedness-25 have been surveyed and have passed the treatment by acupuncture, in some cases  combined with bioresonant and multiresonant therapy for 3 year supervision.

    The following investigations have been conducted: 1) abtorefractometry;  2) intraocular pressure; 3) ophthalmometry (keratometry); 4) visual acuity, best corrected visual acuity(BCVA); 5) reserve of accommodation; 6) biometry (length of eyes; 7) biomicroscopy of eyes; 8 )  mydriation; 9) ophthalmoscopy.

    The following groups of points have been used at carring out acupuncture: 1) local paraorbitals; 2) segmentary mainly head & neck zone; 3) distant or points of general action; 4) Auricilar (ear) points, also local massage of ear lobes, internal corners of eyes and temples.

    Bioresonant therapy was applied by the device “MINI-EXPERT-DT” of the Center of “Imedis” on school of Yu.V.Gotovskiy.

    Results: All the patients noticed somatic symptoms improvement, irritability decrease, sleep normalization, visual fatigue   decrement, enhanced clarity of vision, colors being brighter, better focus, and overall improvement in close and distant vision. In all cases an increase of visual acuity from 20 up to 40% and as well as BCVA and UCVA  were noticed, with some patients obtaining a greater improvement. After six months’ treatment the progression of myopia slowed down in most cases. Generally speaking the successful rate is 70 to 80% & 9o% with patients  aged  from 6 to 18.

    Clinical Examples:

    Patient of 6

    OE  Vis:  OD 0,6-0,7 cyl -0,75 ax 175°=1,0

    OS 0,6-0,7 cyl -1 ax 0°=1,0

    DS  Myopic Astigmatism

    After treatment Vis: OD 0,8-0,9 cyl -0,75 ax 10°=1,0

    OS 0,7-0,8 cyl -0,75 ax 175°=1,0

    Six months later, after the 2nd course of treatment Vis: OU=0,9-1,0

    Patient of 8 

    C/o decrement in visual acuity a far on ОU.

    OE  Vis: OD 0,6-0,7 Cyl — 2,0 ax 10°= 0,85

    OS 0,5 Cyl — 2,5 ax 170° = 0,85

    DS Myopic Astigmatism OU, Amblyopia.

    After treatment  Vis: OD 0,85 Cyl — 1 ax 15°= 1,0

    OS 0,7 Cyl — 1 ax 170°= 1,0

    Patient of 12 

    C/o  deterioration of sight a far on both eyes (ОU) within several months.

    OE  Vis: OD 0,15 Sph — 1,75 = 1,0

    OS 0,15 Sph — 1,50 = 1,0

    DS  ОU Myopia of primary stage, Progressive.

    After treatment visual acuity ОU 0,6 — 0,7

    Vis: OD 0,6 Sph — 0,75 = 1,0

    OS 0,6 Sph — 1,25 = 1,0

    Patient of 21

    OE  Vis:  OD 0,9 cyl -0,5 ax 20°=1,0

    OS 0,6 cyl -1,0 ax 5°=7,0

    DS Mixed Astigmatism, Squint/Strabismus, Post laser correction.

    After treatment  Vis OD 1,0      OU 0,9-1,0

    OS 0,8

    Patient of 22

    OE  Vis:  OD 0,3 sph -2,0=0,8 UCVA

    OS 0,7 sph -1,5=0,8 UCVA

    DS Spasm of accomodation

    After treatment Vis: OD=1,0


    Patient of 25

    OE  Vis:  OD 0,2-0,3 sph -1,0=0,8-0,9 UCVA

    OS 0,4 sph -1,5=0,9-1,0

    DS Myopia primary stage, Amblyopia

    After treatment Vis: OD 0,4 sph -1,0=1,0

    OS 0,6 sph -0,75=1,0

    After 6-8 months follow up, negative dynamics in pathological changes on the eye ground were not revealed, visual functions remained stable.



    1. The results obtained allowed us to affirm the beneficial role of acupuncture  has in the anomalies of refraction treatment.

    2. Acupuncture  is one of the most effective and safe treatments for anomaly of refraction.

    3. In carrying out  the above-mentioned therapies  adverse side effects and complications have not been revealed.

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